UK space exploration boss says aliens definitely exist

Libby Jackson, the Head of Space Exploration in the UK, says that there is “no way” humans are the only life form in the universe, according to a report by Mirror. Jackson reportedly continued by saying that the existence of aliens isn’t a question of if but more a question of when we’ll find more answers to those burning questions.

This report isn’t all that surprising as scientists have claimed that alien life almost certainly exists in some fashion in past studies. Jackson is just one of the most recent public figures to speak out about the existence of aliens in our universe. The 41-year-old Head of Space Exploration was just awarded an OBE in 2022 and is convinced that deeper space exploration will provide many sought-after answers.

James Webb image of Carina Nebula
The universe is too large for humans to be the only form of life that exists. Image source: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

Despite the lack of evidence of the existence of aliens, scientists haven’t stopped looking. Newer telescopes like the James Webb have opened new doors for how astronomers will search for proof of alien life in the future. And, as NASA prepares for the Mars Sample return, we could have more answers about life on Mars within the next several years.

As such, taking a stance that aliens exist somewhere out there isn’t as revolutionary as it might have been eighty years ago when space travel was still a new and exciting prospect. This also isn’t the first time an important figure in the UK’s space community has spoken out about the existence of aliens, either.

Back in 2020, Dr. Helen Sharman, the First Briton in space, also announced that she believed aliens exist somewhere. The consensus from Dr. Sharman and others in the community seems to be that there are just too many stars and galaxies for human life to be the only form of life in the universe. Perhaps they’re correct. Only time and additional space exploration will tell.

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