Balochistan to Hire Hundreds of Doctors Soon

Balochistan’s administration issued an order on Wednesday to urgently hire doctors to address the province’s shortage of medical experts in rural regions.

The Chief Minister (CM) Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo approved a report from the Health Secretary, Saleh Muhammad Nasar, and ordered the ad hoc/contract recruitment of 897 male and female doctors.

Medical officers, specialists, dental surgeons, assistant professors, and a senior registrar are among the open positions.

The newly hired doctors will be sent to remote locations where they are currently needed. The government aims to eliminate the shortage of physicians and provide medical services to the general populace in their local areas.

CM Bizenjo further stated that the newly recruited doctors will not be posted to any of the province’s main hospitals.

A committee led by the health secretary will oversee the recruiting process, and the IT department will build a management system to guarantee the performance and attendance of newly hired staff.

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