Emirates is Launching World’s First Robotic Airport Check-in System Named ‘Sara’

Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has announced that it will launch the world’s first robotic check-in system, named Sara, at Dubai Airports this year. The system will speak at least six languages, making it accessible to travelers from different countries.

Sara will assist passengers with everything from check-in to hotel bookings, according to Ade Redha, an Emirates spokesperson. He also stated that the needs of travelers keep growing, but the airport remains the same. With the introduction of Sara, Emirates hopes to serve its customers better with technology.

Emirates developed the robotic check-in system in collaboration with its partners. It will be locally produced. According to Redha, over 200 of these systems will be functional in Dubai Airports over the next few years.

The introduction of this technology will be a step towards the digitization of air travel. The pandemic has compelled airlines and airports to look for innovative ways to reduce physical contact and provide a contactless travel experience.

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