Google One Gets Free VPN and Dark Web Monitoring

Google One is an ideal choice for those seeking a cloud storage solution. Recently, the company made a new change that allowed all subscribers, irrespective of their device or platform, to access Pixel’s Magic Eraser, and Google has now launched several new features to enhance the service further.

The search engine giant has announced various improvements to Google One, including access to VPN by Google One to all subscribers. Previously, this feature was exclusive to premium plans. In the forthcoming weeks, the VPN will be accessible to everyone subscribed to the basic plan from the supported countries and can be used on all supported platforms.

Apart from the VPN, Google is also introducing a dark web monitoring tool that enables you to input personal details, including your name, email, phone number, address, Social Security number, and more to check if it matches any data breaches. If it detects any such match, Google will notify the user on how to safeguard their data.

The bright side of the new dark web monitoring feature is that it displays all the relevant information found in data breaches that match the user’s profile. It will be accessible to all Google One members in the U.S. across all plans in the coming weeks.

For privacy-conscious users, Google has assured that the company’s privacy policy applies to the monitoring profiles, and users can choose to delete their information or stop the monitoring anytime they wish.

Finally, Google One will now be accessible with extended cloud storage and all the advantages that the service offers, such as the recently introduced Magic Eraser. You can find more details here.

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