Google Will Now Translate Words from Photos on Desktop Too

Google Translate on the web now offers the ability to convert text from images using the same technology as the AR Translate feature found on Google Lens. This function enables real-time translations on smartphones.

To access this feature, head to the Google Translate website and locate the new ‘Images’ tab at the top of the screen. Once you upload a photo or screenshot from your computer, the text will be translated and appear on the screen, which, in most cases, should be as seamless as the original text.

The web interface provides options to copy the translated text, download the image or clear it. Additionally, it offers 113 source languages (with automatic detection) and 133 destination languages.

The phrase “Lens translate” displayed beneath the text confirms that it employs the same generative adversarial networks (GAN) technology that powers the AR Translate feature on Google Lens.

Lens has been able to translate images on mobile devices for several years, but the most recent iteration, which premiered last year, employs the same technology found in Google’s Magic Eraser, which debuted on the Pixel 6 but is now available on older Pixel devices and Google One. This allows the translated text to appear as though it is replacing the original text rather than simply being superimposed on top of it.

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