Man Caught Using Ex-Wife’s Cars to Get Traffic Fines Worth AED 80,000 in UAE

A man has been sued by his ex-wife in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for using her 2 cars to commit traffic violations worth AED 80,830.

The woman requested the court to transfer those fines to her ex-husband’s traffic file. She stated that he used those vehicles while they were still married and didn’t pay the traffic fines after the separation.

The woman submitted copies of the registration licenses of the vehicles and traffic fines registered on the 2 cars as evidence in court.

The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Claims Court ordered the transfer of the fines to the traffic file of her ex-husband. Court also instructed the man to pay for his ex-wife’s legal expenses.

The case came to light after police conducted an investigation and found that the man committed multiple traffic violations using the woman’s 2 vehicles.

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