Pakistan and Afghanistan Agree to Change Schedule of T20I Series

The upcoming series between Pakistan and Afghanistan will begin earlier than initially planned due to the unavailability of the Hawk-Eye Technology at Sharjah Cricket Stadium on the previously scheduled days.

The bilateral T20I series between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which is set to be held in Sharjah, has undergone a change in the schedule. The series will now begin on 24th March, a day earlier than the initial schedule, and will end on 27th March.

The decision was made after consultation between the two cricket boards due to the unavailability of Hawk-Eye technology in the stadium on the initial dates.

The previous schedule had the first match scheduled for 25th March, the second match on 27th March, and the third and final match on 29th March.

The new schedule, agreed upon by the boards, will now see the first match take place on 24th March. The second match will be played on 26th March, and the final match of the series will be held on 27th March.

This change in schedule is important because Hawk-Eye is a computer-based system used to determine the path of the ball and make decisions regarding LBW appeals. Its unavailability in the stadium would have put the umpires in a difficult position, as they would not have been able to refer to the technology for decisions.

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