Siemens Pakistan Partners with Harmony – The HCM Platform to Digitalize its Compensation & Benefits Related Operations

Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited has signed an agreement with Sofcom Private Limited for Harmony – The HCM platform on cloud.

Under this partnership, Harmony, one of the best HR solutions in Pakistan, will be used to manage the core HCM operations of Siemens, including HRIS, Compensation & Benefits, Staff Loan, Fund Management, Leave & Time Management, Regulated Employee Benefits Management, and Expense Management.

Established as a software house in 1992, SOFCOM is in the field of business applications, software development, and support. For over 30 years of unwavering dedication and experience in providing innovative software solutions, Sofcom has succeeded in the specialized business domains of Human Capital Management Platform (HARMONY) and Quality Management Platform (SPECTRUM).

These business applications were created to meet the needs of clients across various industries and businesses which enable Sofcom and its clientele to collaborate and complete seemingly impossible tasks in sync.

For any business domain, the basic processes are always defined and they all seem running fine, yet you actually find it hard to accomplish your objectives in time.

Since proficient and in-depth management of detailed processes enables us to see the space for enhancement, and understanding explicit business needs and choosing effectively versatile solutions that sync with business processes should be our focus, Harmony offers the right solution.

Harmony – a dynamic Human Capital Management Platform offered by Sofcom that provides substantive dashboard analytics for HR divisions to have a 360-degree perspective on their whole HR operations for employees’ well-being and development.

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