Spotify Gets Major Redesign Similar to TikTok and Instagram

Spotify is revamping the main home screen of its application, aiming to simplify the process of discovering new audio and video content for users.

The redesigned interface incorporates a significant amount of imagery and vertical scrolling. This transforms the traditional album cover-based home screen into a feed that bears a closer resemblance to platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Through this new interface, Spotify is also looking to enhance the ease with which users can explore and discover new content across its ecosystem.

Following this update, upon opening Spotify, users will still be greeted by a collection of album and playlist covers at the top. However, below that, they may encounter a video podcast that plays automatically, which they can dive into with a single tap.

Alternatively, they may come across a large, Instagram-like photo designed to provide additional information about a playlist that might appeal to them.

At the top of the screen, tapping on either “Music” or “Podcasts & Shows” will lead you to a vertically-scrolling feed that bears a striking resemblance to Instagram Stories or TikTok, but is tailored to that specific section of Spotify.

Each entry within the feed will autoplay to provide you with an idea of its content, and you can tap on any entry to explore or save it further.

One of the other noteworthy changes in Spotify is the increased use of personalized AI. The Smart Shuffle function, which adds songs to your current playlists for a limited time, is said to be an improvement upon the “just for you” playlist concept that Spotify has been developing for years.

Furthermore, DJ, the AI-powered tool that plays songs and hosts a customized radio show, got some upgrades.

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