Netflix added customization options for subtitles, here’s how to use them

Earlier this week, Netflix rolled out new appearance settings for subtitles on its TV app. If you use the Netflix app on your smart TV or streaming player, you can now customize the size and style of subtitles and closed captions. If you aren’t satisfied with the look of subtitles while watching Netflix, we’ll show you how to give them a makeover with the new settings.

How to customize Netflix subtitles on TV

After loading up the Netflix app on your TV, start playing a show or movie. Next, pull up the player settings at the bottom of the screen with your remote. Select the Settings button (gear icon) all the way on the right side of the menu.

Once you open the menu, you’ll have the ability to change size and style preferences for subtitles and closed captions. Netflix offers three subtitle sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. There are four styles to choose from as well: Drop Shadow (white text with black borders), Dark (white text on a black bar), Contrast (yellow text on a black bar), and Light (black text on a white bar).

Once you’ve chosen the best subtitle settings for you, start playing your content again and they’ll stay on the screen until you decide to change them up.

These size and style preferences were previously only available on the Netflix web app, but they rolled out globally to TVs on Wednesday. It is unclear why it took so long for Netflix to expand the availability to its TV app, but now that the preferences are available, there are sure to be plenty of Netflix subscribers that will take advantage of them.

Furthermore, Netflix could use some good headlines after all the frustration over the streamer’s new password-sharing restrictions. If Netflix expects every individual household to pay for its own account, then the company needs to serve every household’s needs. Increasing the readability of subtitles and closed captions is one way to do that.

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