Saudi Arabia Demands ‘Steep’ Price for Normalizing Relations With Israel

Saudi Arabia is demanding concessions from the US before agreeing to improve relations with Israel, The New York Times reported.

Their requests include assistance in constructing a civilian nuclear program, fewer limits on US arms sales, and security assurances from the US. This agreement, if successful, might have huge geopolitical consequences for the Middle East.

For President Biden, negotiating this accord would be a huge foreign policy triumph, building on the Abraham Accords which established diplomatic ties between Israel and numerous Arab states during the Trump administration.

It would also satisfy a long-held ambition of Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu, who sees better relations with Arab governments as critical to opposing Iran.

But, considering the difficult relationship between the Biden government and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, analysts are divided on the plausibility of such an agreement. Additionally, conflicts between Israel and Palestine may make reaching a deal difficult, particularly if violence rises.

Notwithstanding these obstacles, reports reveal that Saudi Arabia is prepared to accept less than formal diplomatic ties with Israel. While the immediate consequences of a probable Saudi-Israeli agreement are uncertain, it may result in a restructuring of regional alliances and a transition away from the long-standing focus on the Palestinian issue.

Via The New York Times

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