Huge Traffic Jam Reported at Rawalpindi’s Soan Bridge

Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP) has issued an update, informing motorists of a traffic jam at Soan Bridge on GT Road, next to Rawalpindi High Court.

An official tweet highlighted that traffic traveling from Bahria, DHA, and surrounding areas to Kacheri Chowk, Sadar, or surrounding areas via GT Road may face congestion at High Court Chowk on Soan Bridge due to construction work.

The department advised people to avoid unnecessary movement in that vicinity. The area is likely to remain jam-packed for a few days as the construction work is ongoing.

Major Road Projects in Limbo

Due to the local administration’s lackadaisical attitude, work on three major projects of Kutchery Chowk reconstruction, Defence Chowk, and the signal-free route from Kattchery Chowk to the highway is unlikely to begin in FY2022-23, a report stated in January.

The Punjab government authorized Rs. 6.4 billion for the Kutchery Chowk renovation project and transferred Rs. 1 billion to the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

However, the civic authority was unable to initiate the project due to the absence of a traffic management plan and the district administration’s lack of interest.

Also authorized was the Rs. 2.2 billion Defence Chowk project for 2021. Similarly, work on the project has not yet begun due to the National Highway Authority’s (NHA) delayed progress on the Soan River bridge.

The third project was to eliminate traffic signals along The Mall and Peshawar Road from Kutchery Chowk to Motorway Chowk. Previously, the project was part of the Punjab Annual Development Programme, but work has yet to begin.

These project delays are hindering traffic in Rawalpindi, but the government is yet to follow up with concrete and meaningful action.

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