LDA Makes it Extremely Difficult for Private Housing Schemes to Get Approval

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has taken a significant step towards scrutinizing private housing schemes and land sub-divisions. The authority has reinstated a committee comprising of members from various departments to ensure careful evaluation before granting approval.

According to sources, the committee was previously constituted in July last year but was allegedly deactivated by a former top official of the authority. However, the committee has now been reactivated and strengthened under the leadership of the LDA additional DG (Housing) and includes all directors and deputy directors of the metropolitan planning wing, assistant directors (MP), director (law), and any other co-opted by the committee.

The committee will play a crucial role in the final recommendation process for the LDA DG, who approves the housing schemes. The move is expected to improve the quality of private housing schemes and land sub-divisions in Lahore and ensure they meet the required standards.

The committee has important responsibilities to ensure private housing schemes meet the required standards. It will carefully review the plans and land subdivisions, and make sure they follow the rules and regulations set under the master plan.

The committee will also assess any penalties that need to be paid, and make sure any necessary clearances and permissions are obtained.

Once it has completed the review, it will submit its report to the Chief Metropolitan Planner (CMP), who will then pass it on to the competent authority along with recommendations. This will ensure that all private housing schemes are approved in accordance with the law and regulations.

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