Outlast is basically Netflix’s version of Survivor

To become the dominant streaming giant, one of the things that Netflix set out to do is to essentially replace TV. That’s why, in addition to prestige dramas like The Crown and Stranger Things, Netflix also gives us lowbrow fare like Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle — and also, now, a new survival competition series called Outlast that’s basically the streamer’s version of CBS’ Survivor.

In this new 8-episode series, Netflix takes 16 participants and drops them into the Alaskan wilderness for a chance at a $1 million prize. These players bring varying degrees of survival skill to the game, all of whom are prepared to do whatever it takes to win, and yet here’s the only rule Netflix throws at them:

These “lone wolves” will be forced to join a team in order to win. The game won’t let them rely solely on their individual determination and experience, in other words.

Outlast is about people’s self-preservation versus their loyalty to others,” executive producer Grant Kahler said in a Netflix interview. “It’s greed and desire to win versus compassion and empathy. I think everyone has that angel and demon on their shoulders.”

Among the other things to know about the mechanics of Outlast: Players can switch teams at any time. This can mean the creation of surprising alliances as well as machinations that interrupt another team’s ability to keep going. And unlike Survivor, Netflix stresses that players here aren’t voted out — players who want to leave, however, do have the option of just giving up.

This new release hit Netflix on Friday, and it’s already one of the most-watched shows on the streamer in the US. Below, check out more scenes from Outlast, which is now streaming in its entirety.

Outlast on Netflix
Nick Radner, Seth Lueker and Paul Preece in Episode 8 of “Outlast.” Image source: Netflix
Outlast on Netflix
Jill Ashock and Amber Asay in “Outlast.” Image source: Netflix
Outlast on Netflix
Seth Lueker, Nick Radner and Paul Preece in “Outlast.” Image source: Netflix

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