Sindh Police Recovers 20,000 Liters of Stolen Crude Oil From a Dump Truck

Amidst security checks from the authorities, the thieves have devised creative ways to commit crimes and get away unscathed.

Fortunately, one such criminal activity was quashed recently as, on Sunday, Sindh police recovered almost 20,000 liters of crude oil concealed in the secret compartments of a dump truck in the Shah Latif neighborhood of Karachi.

SSP Malir stated that police had apprehended a member of a group transporting the stolen crude oil under the guise of sand and gravel.

He reported:

The accused was concealing and transporting crude oil in a sand and gravel load dumper. He had secretly built a tank in the dumper, during the search 20,000 liters of crude oil was found.

According to the police, Abdul Rahman, the truck driver, has been charged as a party to the crime. Officials added that the accused party is being investigated while petroleum companies are being contacted to determine where the stolen crude oil came from.

Note: The photo is only for illustration purposes.

Via: The Nation

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