Lahore Announces Sudden Holiday for Public and Private Schools and Colleges

In response to the current law and order situation in Lahore, the district administration has announced the closure of all public and private educational institutions in specific parts of the provincial capital for today.

This decision will affect the schools and colleges located in Garhi Shahu, Jail Road, Mall Road, and Mian Mir.

The sudden announcement came on Wednesday after reports emerged that school vans, ambulances, and members of the general public were stuck in various locations across the city due to clashes between authorities and PTI supporters.

The situation in Lahore remains tense, with authorities keeping a close eye on developments to ensure the safety of the public. As tensions continue to simmer, it remains unclear when educational institutions will reopen in the affected areas.

The closure of schools is just the latest development in a rapidly evolving situation in Lahore. The ongoing political turmoil has left many residents concerned about their safety and the stability of the region.

As the situation in Lahore continues to unfold, it is clear that authorities are working diligently to maintain peace and stability in the face of mounting unrest. The closure of schools may be just the first of many measures taken by officials to keep the public safe during these uncertain times.

Via: Samaa

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