Citizens Angry With Frequent Traffic Jams on Islamabad Expressway

Traffic congestion from DHA-2 and DHA-5 along Islamabad Highway is creating severe frustration among the residents of the twin cities.

According to a media report, many residents are demanding action against the terrible traffic situation in the area. An anonymous lady, who picks up and drops off her kids at a local school, stated, “It takes me hours to get my kids to school and back home, and I’m tired of it.”

Likewise, some daily travelers blamed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Frontier Works Organization (FWO) for their poor project management. One resident called the activities “ill-conceived, haphazard, and chaotic.” He expressed his frustration with the administration’s inability to manage traffic aptly in this situation.  “It’s unacceptable, and we’re suffering the consequences,” he said.

Another individual suggested suing authorities for the mental anguish that this traffic puts him through daily.  Another resident pointed out:

Besides the inconvenience, the wear and tear of our vehicles due to the dug-up roads are causing us significant financial losses.

The Islamabad traffic police are also under fire due to traffic mismanagement. Despite mounting discontent, officials have not resolved the traffic bottleneck, leaving residents to wonder when the poorly performed project will end.

Via: The Nation

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