Doctor Fined Rs. 250,000 for Recommending Faulty Diet Plan

A doctor who sold a weight loss diet plan was ordered to pay a fine of Rs. 250,000 by a Consumer Court in Karachi. 

As per reports, the complaint was filed by Abdul Jabar Laghari, who had purchased the diet plan for his mother in September 2022. However, as soon as his mother started using the plan, she experienced severe stomach pain. Laghari revealed that he had paid Rs. 38,000 for the diet plan, which was supposed to bring about a weight loss of 10 kg in a month.

Despite the doctor’s guarantee of the diet plan’s effectiveness, no refund was given to the petitioner after he lodged a complaint.

In response to the complaint, the court ordered the doctor to pay a hefty fine of Rs. 250,000, which was recently deposited by the doctor, identified in reports as Dr. Nada.

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