Duolingo Max Brings AI Tutoring With Smart Suggestions and More

Duolingo has joined the growing trend of businesses embracing generative AI technology. On Wednesday, the firm revealed Duolingo Max, a fresh, more costly subscription tier that includes two GPT-4 features.

The first feature, known as “Explain My Answer,” enables you to ask Duo, a chatbot named after the company’s owl mascot, to explain why your response to a query was correct or incorrect. If you need more assistance, you can request further clarification.

The second feature, Roleplay, allows you to put your Duolingo-learned skills to the test in several situations. For instance, in one exercise, you are required to order food and drinks at a Parisian cafe. According to Duolingo, no two conversations will be the same, even if you repeat a scenario, and users can gain experience points by finishing practice sessions.

Duolingo has been developing Duolingo Max since 2022, in partnership with OpenAI, which provided the company with access to its new GPT-4 model before this week’s announcement.

Duolingo acknowledges that GPT-4’s language capabilities are far from flawless. “We’ve spent months collaborating closely with OpenAI to test and train this technology, and will continue doing so until the mistakes are nearly nonexistent.” the company acknowledges.

Users can flag an incorrect AI response by long-pressing on a message. After completing an Explain My Answer session, users can also rate it using a thumbs-up or down emoji.

As of today, Duolingo Max is accessible to iOS users who are learning Spanish and French and speak English. The service costs $30 per month or $168 annually in the United States. It includes all of the features of Duolingo’s current Super subscription, such as unlimited hearts and an ad-free experience.

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