HBL Tops Consumer Complaint Chart 2nd Year in a Row

Customers of the banking sector received the highest-ever monetary relief of Rs. 974 million from the Bank Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP) in 2022 against various banks with a number of complaints of 30,493 recorded a decent decline from the previous year.

According to the annual report issued by BMP, the settlement amount received by banking customers increased by 37 percent when compared to values of 2021 standing at Rs. 709 million. The number of complaints recorded a decline of 7 percent from the last year which stood at 33,196 in 2021.

10 Leading Banks with the Highest Number of Customer Complaints
S. No      BanksComplaints via PM OfficeComplaints via PM Bank Mohtasib  Total
1Habib Bank2,9581,7434,701
2United Bank2,5972,0494,646
3Allied Bank1,3491,7493,095
4MCB Bank1,3921,0492,439
5Bank Alfalah1,2871,0452,323
6Meezan Bank1,2874651,752
7National Bank of Pakistan1,35701,357
8Faysal Bank9104191,329
9Silk Bank5077121,219
10Standard Chartered6793441,023


Within the banking system of Pakistan, Habib Bank holds the highest proportion of customer complaints at 15.7 percent of the total complaints. UBL follows closely behind with a share of 15.2 percent, while Allied Bank Limited accounts for 10 percent of overall complaints. The other banks collectively have a share in the single digits. MCB Bank and Bank Alfalah are next in line with complaint shares of 7.9 percent and 7.6 percent, respectively.

The most profitable bank in Pakistan, Meezan Bank, also had a share of 5.7 percent in the overall complaints. NBP, the public sector bank, contributed a 4.4 percent share in the said pie.

Complaints Settlement Status

During the period under review, 30,493 complaints were received while 4,772 complaints were carried forward.

Thus, making the total number of complaints in hand was 35,265, out of which 21,822 complaints were resolved amicably through reconciliation while after formal hearings, findings/ orders were passed in 734 cases. 5,102 complaints were found incomplete and required further information or were rejected as being frivolous and for want of jurisdiction as the same either pertained to insurance or related to microfinance banks/fund managers or administrative issues of banks.

Prime Minister’s Portal (A government-owned system based on Mobile Application) was introduced in the year 2019 and complaints related to the banking sector were received at BMP Secretariat. During the year under review, 12,979 complaints were received through Prime Minister’s Portal.

According to data issued by BMP, an increase of 31 percent was observed in receipt of public complaints lodged directly with BMP, whereas, there was a 21 percent decrease in the complaints received from Prime Minister’s Portal. It explains the decrease of 8 percent in the total number of complaints received during the year. Efforts were made to dispose of complaints expeditiously. However, depending on the complexity, some complaints take longer time to resolve.

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