British Council Increases Number of Scholarships for Pakistani Students by 100%

The British Council stated that the number of scholarships offered under the Scotland-Pakistan Scholarship Initiative will be doubled.

The Scottish Government’s International Development Minister, Neil Gray, has vowed to double the scholarships available for young women and girls managed by the British Council.

As per the council, the extra £500,000 will double the number of scholarship opportunities for women and girls in flood-affected communities, allowing them to continue their studies with little disturbance.

Gray stated that during times of crisis, women and girls are generally disproportionately affected. He expects that doubling the number of scholarships would contribute to the country’s long-term economic growth by allowing more women and girls to study.

As per Amir Ramzan, Country Director of British Council Pakistan, since the scheme’s inception in 2013, it has enabled brilliant women and girls from underprivileged families to complete their studies in subjects essential to the country’s growth.

The increased scholarship support will further empower flood-affected women and girls and help them to attain their full potential.

Since its inception, the Scotland-Pakistan Scholarship Initiative has assisted approximately 1,400 young women to attend college in Pakistan. Furthermore, approximately 15,000 students have benefited from the scheme’s school stream.

The Scottish Government presently provides a £400,000 yearly scholarship program for women and girls in Pakistan, which is managed by the British Council Pakistan. The extra £500,000 will be split evenly across school scholarships (£200,000) and university scholarships (£300,000).

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