SBP to Issue Rs. 50 Commemorative Coin for Senate’s 50th Anniversary

The year 2023 marks the Golden Jubilee of the Senate of Pakistan. To celebrate this significant occasion, the Federal Government has authorized the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to issue a Commemorative Coin of Rs. 50.

The coin shall be issued through the exchange counters of all the field offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation from March 17, 2023 (today).

The Senate of Pakistan or Aiwan-e-Bala Pakistan, constitutionally the House of the Federation, is the upper legislative chamber of the bicameral parliament of Pakistan. The Senate of Pakistan, having equal representatives from all provinces of Pakistan, is a permanent House, symbolizing a process of continuity in national affairs.

The coin is in a round shape milled with a dimension of 30.0 mm, weight 13.5 grams, and has Cupro-Nickel metal contents (Copper 75% & Nickel 25 %).

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