Watch the emotional trailer for Netflix’s new series about Latin American rock icon Fito Paez

Argentina is the birthplace of so many icons of Latin American rock, including everyone from Soda Stereo frontman Gustavo Cerati to Charly Garcia, Luis Alberto Spinetta, and Fito Paez — the latter of whom, just months after scooping up a new batch of trophies at the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, is the subject of a new series coming to Netflix in April.

The 8-episode El Amor Despues del Amor, which dramatizes the life and career of Paez, hits the streaming giant on April 26 and promises a Bohemian Rhapsody-style epic treatment of one of the most essential Argentina musicians of all time.

The Netflix series about Paez will also include portrayals of Garcia and Spinetta, Fabiana Cantilo, and Juan Carlos Baglietto. In the newly released trailer, Iván Hochman (who plays an adult version of Paez) is shown staring into a mirror before a concert, at which point his life flashes before his eyes. The quick succession of images includes the death of his mother andhighlights from his career, while Paez’s song El Amor Despues del Amor plays in the background.

Paez’s recent releases include the 2022 album The Golden Light, as well as his Los Años Salvajes and Futurología Arlt LPs. In 2020, he released the song Gente en La Calle — which has a kind of Steely Dan feel and for which he collaborated with Argentine pop star Lali Esposito (who, incidentally, is also one of the stars of the Netflix series Sky Rojo).

By the way, this is neither here nor there, but it’s a little weird that the English title for this series is “Love After Music” because A) that is not the correct translation of the Spanish title (which is, literally, “love after love”) and B) that English translation doesn’t make any sense. Fito is still a musician, so there’s no “after music” yet when it comes to his life.

Meanwhile, check out more images below from Netflix’s El Amor Despues del Amor.

Fito Paez Netflix series
Ivan Hochman as Fito Paez. Image source: Julieta Horak/Netflix
Fito Paez Netflix series
Micaela Riera as Fabi Cantilo and Ivan Hochman as Fito Paez. Image source: Julieta Horak/Netflix
Fito Paez Netflix series
Ivan Hochman, in “El amor después del amor.” Image source: Julieta Horak/Netflix

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