Four Paws Approached to Treat Ailing Elephant in Karachi

Four Paws, an international organization that advocates for animals, has been requested to provide care for Noor Jehan, a sick elephant at Karachi Zoological Gardens.

While workers from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) claim that the elephant’s feet are swollen, social media reports indicate that the elephant has suffered a stroke that has immobilized one of her feet.

KMC Commissioner Syed Shujaat Hussain paid a visit to the Karachi Zoo on Friday to enquire about Noor Jehan’s health when he noticed that her foot has gotten swollen, therefore Four Paws was called in to help with the treatment. In addition, medicine from overseas has been requested in an effort to treat the elephant’s illness.

It is important to note that, Four Paws vets successfully conducted dental surgery on Noor Jehan and another elephant named Madhubala, last year as well. Noor Jehan has gotten unwell again this year. The vets operated on Noor Jehan for five hours and forty minutes during the dental procedures last year, and both animals made a full recovery.


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