UAE Scientists Make Game-Changing Discovery

Researchers from New York University Abu Dhabi’s (NYUAD) Smart Materials Lab (SML) and Centre for Smart Engineering Materials (CSEM) have developed a new way of harvesting water from fog and dew.

Their report called “Autonomous and Directional Flow of Water and Transport of Particles across a Subliming Dynamic Crystal Surface” was published in the Nature Chemistry journal.

They found how water moves on the surface of a crystal called hexachlorobenzene, which is usually used to kill fungi. They also showed how this movement carries tiny particles along with the water. These findings of moving water can help with new inventions to extract water from the air more efficiently in the future.

Potential Benefits of These Findings

This discovery offers several potential benefits for agriculture in the UAE. With the country facing water shortage and limited natural water resources, the ability to harvest water from natural sources such as fog and dew can revolutionize the way farmers irrigate their crops.

This may lead to increased agricultural productivity and sustainability, especially in desert regions where fog and dew are more prevalent.

This innovative approach will also reduce the country’s dependence on energy-intensive desalination plants, which currently provide the majority of the UAE’s drinking water.

By tapping into natural water sources, the country could reduce its carbon footprint and move towards a more sustainable future.

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