Viral Resignation Letter: Bank Employee Quits Using Allama Iqbal’s Poetry

Recently, a letter written by a bank employee went viral on the internet after they resigned in a humorous manner. Though the letter was old, it garnered attention once again after someone posted a picture of it online.

The letter was addressed to the employee’s manager and was titled ‘Job Resignation’. The employee included verses from Allama Iqbal’s poetry making the letter especially amusing. 

The verses roughly translate as, ‘Oh bird of the spirit world, death is better than a livelihood which hinders flight’, contextually meaning that an easy income keeps one from striving forward.

The letter ended with a simple “Goodbye,” and the manager accepted it, signing it with the date. Netizens shared the letter with interesting captions and posted hilarious comments, further increasing its popularity.

It is important to note that another resignation letter, also by a bank employee but from a different bank with the same verses from the famous poet’s work went viral around the same time. That one was also approved, as per the dates on the letter. 

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