Govt Officially Bans Use of Old and Inefficient Light Bulbs

The government has officially banned the use of old, high-electricity-consuming bulbs and other lights as part of its energy-saving mission to save the economy.

This move is aimed at potentially saving around 1,800MW of electricity. The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has issued a formal notification in this regard.

NEECA said Pakistan currently manufactures approximately 2.1 million 100W light bulbs per year. With the aforesaid policy on old and inefficient lights, authorities will save Rs. 24 billion annually while new lights that use up to 12W of electricity will be normalized.

Meanwhile, the Authority explained that the government is going to ban the manufacturing and marketing of traditional fans from July 1st, 2023. Pertinently, the government intends to replace the old fans with new energy-efficient models, potentially saving around 7,500MW of electricity.

As per the minimum energy specifications of the new fans, they will consume 60W of electricity, half of what the old/substandard fans would typically expend.

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