The Netflix docuseries Emergency: NYC will give you a new appreciation for first responders

There are 2.7 million emergency medical calls every year in New York City, the largest metropolis in the US. The upcoming Netflix documentary series Emergency: NYC — which hits the streaming giant a week from today — aims to present the human stories behind a selection of those calls, including the stories of victims frantically wheeled into emergency rooms as well as of the first responders and doctors racing to save their lives.

This 8-episode Netflix documentary release, which comes from the creators of Netflix’s Lenox Hill, introduces viewers to doctors, nurses, and EMTs across several hospitals in Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island — including at Lenox Hill Downtown, Lenox Hill Hospital, North Shore University Hospital, Cohen Children’s Medical Center and SkyHealth helicopter service in Long Island. 

Netflix documentary Emergency: NYC

Moreover, if Lenox Hill (the similarly-focused Netflix docuseries that debuted in June of 2020) captured your interest, the Emergency: NYC docuseries will in all likelihood pick right up where that earlier one left off. The work shown herein is intense, merciless, unforgiving, and, more often than not, a life-and-death struggle representing the sum total of a thousand victories as well as failures, mistakes, and even lives lost along the way.

There’s a relentless pulse to the ERs and hospital corridors in Emergency: NYC, and the heroes include everyone from transplant surgeons and paramedics to helicopter flight nurses, neurosurgeons, and trauma doctors, among many others.

Speaking of Lenox Hill, by the way, viewers will also see some of the same medical professionals in this new Netflix release (including Dr. Mirtha Macri, Dr. David Langer, and Dr. John Boockvar).

An army of healthcare heroes

“At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City,” Netflix explains about the upcoming series, “hospitals were overwhelmed by an influx of patients they oftentimes didn’t even have room for.

“As COVID-related emergencies lessened, however, trauma doctors were faced with a different wave of patients: Those whose conditions worsened while they were stuck at home, and those who became victims of violent crimes, which increased after COVID restrictions were lifted.”

Emergency: NYC on Netflix
Mackenzie Labonte and her husband Lorey in Netflix’s “Emergency: NYC.” Image source: Netflix

Medical workers featured in Emergency: NYC include, per Netflix: Flight nurse Mackenzie Labonte, EMT Vicky Ulloa, pediatric surgery director Dr. Jose Prince, trauma transport nurse Donald Darby, neurosurgery chair Dr. David Langer, neurosurgery vice chair Dr. John Boockvar, paramedic Kristina McKoy, hospital chaplain Mark Daniels, ER physician Dr. Mirtha Macri, transplant surgeon Dr. Elliot Grodstein, transplant surgeon Dr. Ahmed Fahmy, pediatric trauma surgeon Dr. Chethan Sathya, and transplant surgeon Dr. Lewis Teperman. 

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