5 great new iPhone features that are hidden in iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 is launching next week with a handful of new features. While you already know this update is set to bring 30+ emojis, web-push notifications, and the 5G Standalone for iPhone users, a few hidden features will make their way to this OS. Here they are.

Apple Books brings old animation back: One of the new features of iOS 16.4 is the page curl animation on Apple Books. This feature has always been part of iOS, but Apple removed it a few updates ago. Now, the company is bringing it back, so it looks more immersive when you finish a book’s page and go to the next.

Apple Music and Apple Podcasts tweaks: For the Music app, iOS 16.4 includes several tweaks. For example, adding a song to the queue no longer brings a full-screen pop-up. The playlists menu also shows the artwork cover in a smaller size. Apple Podcasts, for example, brings changes to the Library, improvements to Up Next, and CarPlay updates.

Voice Isolation for calls: This important feature was available until the iPhone 12 and was removed by Apple when it launched the iPhone 13. Different from the Apple Books animation, this one wasn’t related to a software update but to the hardware itself. Now, the Cupertino firm is applying the same technology of FaceTime calls to let you isolate your voice on a cellular call so outside noise won’t disturb you.

Duplicate detection on iCloud Shared Photo Library: Released with iOS 16.1, iCloud Shared Photo Library lets you create a library with your family members for special moments, such as a trip, a lunch, or a celebration. Now, with iOS 16.4, this operating system will detect duplicate photos or videos and will ask if you want to keep both or delete the redundant image.

Battery consumption: iOS 16.4 also tells you how much the Always-On display consumes while using it. That said, iPhone 14 Pro users will have more control over this feature and whether they’ll leave it on or off.

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