Postponed Pakistan Day Parade Officially Canceled Due to Bad Weather

In light of the prevailing unfavorable weather conditions in Islamabad, this year’s Pakistan Day military parade has officially been canceled.

This parade is an annual event that is held on 23 March to commemorate the 1940 Lahore Resolution which called for the creation of an independent country for the Muslims of British-ruled India.

However, this year’s parade which was originally scheduled for 23 March, Thursday, was initially postponed till 25 March, Saturday. However, the rescheduled parade has now been canceled.

The parade was meant to take place at the President House this year after the Pakistan Army had already decided to hold the annual parade of the armed forces on a limited scale as part of the government’s austerity drive.

This decision was made in an effort to help ward off the economic crisis that the country is currently facing.

The cancelation of the parade is seen as a minor setback. The spirit of the armed forces remains unbroken and they will continue to commemorate the country’s independence with pride.

Via: ARY

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