Tax Official Seeks PM Shehbaz’s Approval to Officially Start Corruption

A tax official has formally sought the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s permission for starting corruption to meet his unavoidable expenditures as the government is not leaving any stone unturned to stabilize the economy.

In an unconfirmed letter circulating on social media with the subject “formal intimation regarding starting corruption”, one IRS officer informed the PM of Pakistan that he is planning and fully convinced that he must engage in corruption to earn illicit but highly essential money from 1 April 2023.

“I am very much aware of the perilous economic situation of our beloved country right now and that your government is not leaving any stone unturned to stabilize the economy, ” the letter states.

He claimed that he has never committed a single rupee corruption in four-year tenure but owing to current high inflation and no compensation from government to lessen my situation, I am honestly left with no option but to look for illicit means to be able to make my ends meet, no matter how much I may not agree with this in principle.

“I am getting Rs. 122,922 pay per month including Rs. 35,898 house hiring whereas my unavoidable expenditures are Rs110, 500 per month” IRS officer mentioned in letter.

IRS officer in its letter claimed that he is in debit of more than Rs. 78,000 and his father also gives money every month to survive as “safaid Posh” CSP Officer.

The letter states that the PM office has announced Executive Allowance in the month of February 2023 to all groups then again the only exception made was of FBR.

I have not been able to perform my duties to the best of my ability because of the simple and plain reason that I am preoccupied with financial stress and also, I have been more interested in setting up a side business or a passive income option.

The IRS officer requested the PM of Pakistan to help FBR monetarily so that we do not just perform to meet the budgetary targets assigned to us but work with more vigor and ownership to help your government stabilize the economy and bring this country out of the shackles of IMF and the likes.

He also requested to de-freeze “performance allowance FBR” as per current basis or grant “Executive Allowance: to FBR and its field formations just as it has been granted to all other departments.

FBR spokesperson told ProPakistani that he has read the letter on social media, and he can confirm or deny on Monday.

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