Daredevil: Born Again might set up an MCU showdown between Spider-Man and Kingpin

While its feature-length movies will always take center stage, anticipation is mounting for many of Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus shows as well. Near the top of most lists is Daredevil: Born Again, which will fully integrate Netflix’s Marvel heroes into the MCU. Unlike Netflix’s Daredevil series, the events of Born Again will directly impact the MCU, and according to a new rumor, the show could even set up a confrontation between Spider-Man and Kingpin.

Spider-Man vs. Kingpin in the MCU?

In a recent article on The Cosmic Circus, writer Alex Perez claims that reports suggesting Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) will be running for office in Daredevil: Born Again are true. Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) will undoubtedly be on the front lines trying to stop Fisk, but if Kingpin can become mayor of New York City, Daredevil won’t be the only hero impacted.

“Several of our sources have informed us that Kingpin’s true motive for his mayoral campaign is to crack down on the work of street-level vigilantes that could threaten his rule,” wrote Perez.

According to the sources, Fisk’s list of vigilantes includes Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and Daredevil. Fisk can only do so much to take on all of these heroes on his own, which reportedly leads him to “outsource his matters to a number of contractors” to handle the “vigilante crisis” in New York City.

The setup sounds remarkably similar to the recent Devil’s Reign arc in Marvel Comics, in which Mayor Wilson Fisk outlawed superheroes in New York City. Perez claims that while Echo will be inspired by Devil’s Reign, the “overall MCU street-level storyline” will take a page from the Dark Reign comic arc from the late 2000s going forward:

Kingpin has made one of the most successful transitions from page to screen of any Marvel villain to date, so we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel gave him a meatier role. That said, Born Again just started shooting and won’t start streaming until 2024. A lot can change in a year, but we’re excited to see how many of these rumors come true.

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