Kia’s Car Production is Stable Despite Economic Issues

2023 has been a rocky year for the car industry, forcing several automakers to frequently suspend production every month.

Although, as per the latest update from, Lucky Motor Cooperation Limited (LMCL) is maintaining stable single-shift production despite import restrictions.

Since the start of this year, car prices have risen exponentially causing demand to nosedive. Due to this and the production cuts, car sales have also fallen tremendously.

Despite that, Kia Sportage is Lucky Motor Corporation’s front-runner in terms of popularity. According to a recent report, Kia sold 413 units of the Sportage in February, making it the company’s best-selling vehicle.

In comparison, Kia only sold 163 units of Picanto, 53 Stonics, and 72 Sorentos. These numbers allowed for a 4% increase in total sales month-over-month (MoM).

The company is also attempting to draw people’s interest by introducing a new color range for its most popular models.

According to the company’s recent post, Picanto, Stonic, and Sportage are getting bold new color options, most of which are shades of red. The colors for each car are as follows:

  • Picanto — Fiery Red
  • Stonic — Fiery Red and Rich Espresso
  • Sportage — Sunset Red

In recent months, Kia has endured sporadic ups and downs in terms of sales. It remains to be seen whether or not the company will regain its lost momentum in times to come.

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