PTCL CloudPlay is Changing Online Gaming As We Know It

Pakistan has a sizeable professional gaming community that has taken up the hobby as their profession. Talented Pakistani gamers have made their presence felt in the national and international gaming arenas on multiple occasions.

Despite its abundance, a lot of talent fails to come to bloom because gaming requires a hefty expenditure on maintaining high-end systems and purchasing games. This makes gaming exclusive to certain classes and age groups thereby hampering it from becoming a mass entertainment medium for everyone in the family.

PTCL’s latest offering is set to upend this culture on its head. The telecom giant has entered into a collaboration with leading digital services provider, Monty Mobile to bring its cloud gaming services, CloudPlay into Pakistan, which will not only revolutionize online gaming as we know it but also make it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Switching to CloudPlay from traditional gaming is as revolutionary and life-changing as choosing digital over analog. Here are the salient features of PTCL CloudPlay which will help you make sense of the transition:

300+ Game Titles

PTCL CloudPlay offers access to a diverse collection of 300+ game titles that cater to the preferences of different ages and experience levels. If you are a video game buff or just looking to have some leisure time, you will find something that suits your specific mood or requirement at the time.

The platform has a collection of both the latest and retro games from genres as diverse as action, sports, strategy, simulation, education, and more.

A Visual Delight

Gaming is incomplete without spectacular graphics and visual appeal. CloudPlay streams games in Full HD at 60 frames per second providing vivid and crisp visuals to help the users savor the superlative gaming experience.

The platform delivers top-notch graphics and visuals but it still goes very easy on your bandwidth. Game streaming on PTCL CloudPlay requires a bandwidth of only 5MBps or above to work seamlessly.

No Latency

This USP is sure to stick to gamers as it resolves one of the most persistently annoying issues in online gaming. PTCL CloudPlay does away with the arch-rival of quality gaming experience; latency. Latency is the sticky point in achieving fun or gratification from online gaming as a slight delay or glitch in streaming can put the player at a gross disadvantage against adversaries in competitive gaming.

Even outside competitive gaming, latency can take the fun away which is usually the sole objective of engaging in the leisure activity in the first place. But with PTCL CloudPlay streaming is absolutely seamless and allows for greater focus and engagement in the activity.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

PTCL CloudPlay can be accessed through all major platforms including Windows (PC), Android, iOS, and Mac OS. It simply means that PTCL CloudPlay users will be able to access the platform from anywhere and anytime to enjoy online gaming at their convenience.

Light on Pocket

Firstly, with PTCL CloudPlay you do not need to spend on high-end game-specific devices and systems, as it is accessible through your phone, tab, and PC. The ordeal of purchasing individual games online is also over as all top titles old and new are available on the platform for you to choose from.

Users can use any internet-enabled device and start playing a game remotely on the cloud.

For added ease and accessibility the subscription rates have also been kept low by PTCL. PTCL users can subscribe to the service for just Rs. 599/ per month. This affordable price is sure to bring state-of-the-art service within the reach of every age and income group.

PTCL customers can subscribe/unsubscribe to the service through the CloudPlay interface,, or if they prefer, through the Android app via Google Play store or iOS on Apple Store to enjoy seamless online gaming.

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