Supernet Completes Phase 3 of Its Grand Project to Enhance Telecommunication Services in Pakistan

Supernet Limited has announced the successful delivery of equipment and services for Phase 3 of the program for the supply of multiservice multiplexers and associated operations, maintenance, warranty, and support services to a major Pakistani customer.

In a notice to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company said the program includes the establishment of a repair facility in Pakistan and the transfer of knowledge through an expansive training program enabling in-country engineers and technicians to rectify faults throughout the equipment’s lifecycle.

Supernet’s Head of BU-Telecoms and Defense Al Akhtar stated:

During these unprecedented and trying economic times, the successful completion of this project is a testament to Supernet’s resilience and epitomizes our commitment to our customers. We’re forever grateful to our technology partners who continue to demonstrate extraordinary patience during the ongoing hardships in Pakistan.

The project valued at approximately Rs. 250 million was awarded to Supernet, in conjunction with their Australian technology partner Avara Technologies Pty Ltd in 2022.

Avara’s DynaFlex product family is a flexible, fully featured, access multiplexer with powerful cross-connect and protection capabilities, with the ability to handle a wide range of interfaces like POTS, SCADA, Ethernet, Serial Data and Tele-Protection, the DynaFlex platform is an ideal choice for transporting mission critical TDM services over PDH, SDH, Ethernet or MPLS-TP packet-based interfaces.

DynaFlex offers a broad range of hot pluggable channel cards to complement a range of physical interfaces in a modular manner.

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