This Rare 5 Planet Alignment Will be Visible in Pakistan

Towards the end of this month, an astronomical phenomenon will captivate sky-watchers all around the world, including Pakistan. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will be visible together at night on 27 and 28 March (Monday and Tuesday).

Experts predict that the celestial bodies will emerge in a stretch of the sky next to the waxing moon. The event’s visibility, however, is determined by the viewer’s position and the weather. Those with a clear sky and an unobstructed view of the horizon will have the best chance of viewing Jupiter and Mercury.

Rick Fienberg, the senior contributing editor of Sky & Telescope magazine, encouraged viewers to wait until the sun had set before going out to check for the “planetary parade” in the brightest area of the sky. Venus, the clearest of the group, will be higher in the sky and easier to see, but Uranus may look dim and only visible through binoculars. Mars will be visible close to the moon. 

The planets can be seen from any location, but those in the Northern Hemisphere may have a better view. Many people, according to Fienberg, do not pay careful attention to the night sky as astronomy lovers do. When all of the planets are visible all at once, it becomes newsworthy, and people start paying closer attention to the planets.

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