watchOS 9.4 expands Afib History feature to more countries, more

After weeks of beta testing, Apple is releasing the watchOS 9.4 to Apple Watch users. After a mild watchOS 9.3 update, the Cupertino firm is also highlighting just small tweaks to this new version. Here’s everything new.

Just like the other updates available today, watchOS 9.4 brings 20+ new emojis. There are 21 new figures available. And, for the first time, no people figures are being added. The highlights include a donkey, jellyfish, hair pick, high-five hands, and new heart colors. It’s been over a year since Apple added new emojis to users.

watchOS 9.4 also adds an interesting feature for those who like to sleep with their Watch on. This version prevents wake-up alarms from being silenced with the cover-to-mute gesture; that way, you can’t accidentally cancel your alarm during sleep.

watchOS 9.4 expands the Afib History feature to more countries, such as Colombia, Malaysia, Moldova, Thailand, and Ukraine. The Cycle Tracking function is also now available in Moldova and Ukraine.

While watchOS 9.3 only had bug fixes, watchOS 9.2 was full of new features, such as:

Outdoor Run changes: Outdoor Run workout now automatically detects when you arrive at a running track and provides track-specific metrics.

Race Route now available: Race Route lets you compete against your previous performance in Outdoor Run, Outdoor Cycle, and Outdoor Wheelchair workouts.

Workout app improvements: There’s a new custom Kickboxing algorithm in the Workout app for more accurate metrics.

Noise app: With watchOS 9.2, this app now displays when environmental sound levels are reduced while wearing AirPods Pro and Airpods Max with Active Noise Cancellation.

Wallet: Apple Card users with a Savings account can now check their balance in Wallet and Family Setup users can be invited to the Home app to control HomePod speakers, smart home accessories, and unlock doors with home keys.

Alongside watchOS 9.4, Apple is also releasing iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3, and tvOS 16.4.

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