How to Get Free Flour Under Benazir Income Support Program This Ramadan

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is providing free flour to those who register for the program. This initiative is aimed at helping low-income families who struggle to meet their ends.

To find out about the eligibility for the free flour, individuals must first text their NIC number to 8070 and visit the center with the original NIC after eligibility confirmation.

Subsequently, the individual will be required to scan their ID card from the BISP app, get the slip, and collect the flour from a truck at the center.

It is essential to mention here that only one flour bag will be given at a time, and a family can only receive a total of three bags. The second bag will be given after eight days.

While this initiative is meant to be helpful, it has not been without controversy. There have been reports of people dying while waiting in line to collect the free flour, which has raised concerns about the distribution process.

Despite the issues, many low-income families have been able to benefit from this program. With the rising cost of food and other basic necessities, any assistance can make a big difference.

However, it is critical for the government to ensure that the distribution process is safe and efficient so that no more lives are lost in the pursuit of free flour.

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