Spotify’s new Niche Mixes are tailor-made for me

One of the many reasons that Spotify has always been my music streaming app of choice is the strength of its personalized recommendations. I’m always on the hunt for new music, and having spent years contributing to the algorithm, Spotify frequently introduces me to artists that I wind up loving. This week, the personalization aspect of the service got another huge upgrade as Spotify expanded its suite of personalized playlists with Niche Mixes.

Spotify introduces Niche Mixes

Spotify describes the new Niche Mixes as “a set of personalized playlists that combines all that our Mixes offer in a playful way.” In order to find your Niche Mixes on Spotify, head to the Made For You hub in the app’s Search tab and scroll down until you see Your Niche Mixes. Spotify provides 5-10 mixes up front that it thinks you might enjoy.

Mine were all over the place but in a delightfully appropriate way. Some of the Niche Mixes that Spotify thinks I might like include Hardcore Rock Mix, Gentle Quiet Morning Mix, Basketball Mix, Hopeless Romantic Mix, Indie Chill Mix, and Ethiopian Jazz Mix.

I’m honestly just as intrigued to find out what some of these titles even mean as I am to see what specific songs and artists Spotify has populated the playlists with.

But you aren’t limited to the Niche Mixes that Spotify puts in the Made For You hub. Try searching for any common word or phrase and adding the word “mix” to the end. For example, I searched for “gaming mix” and eight Niche Mixes personalized for my taste popped up. I’m currently listening to the Focus Gaming Mix to focus on finishing this article.

Spotify says that Niche Mixes are available now to Free and Premium users who search Spotify in English. Each of the Niche Mixes will also update daily with new songs, so be sure to save the playlist if it’s loaded with music you want to hear again.

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