Young Indian Girl Develops App to Detect Eye Diseases

An 11-year-old Indian girl living in Dubai has captured the world’s attention with her success in building an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based application that can diagnose eye diseases using an iPhone.

In a recent LinkedIn post managed by her parents, the young app developer, Leena Rafeeq, shared that she taught herself to code and created the groundbreaking application called ‘Ogler Eyescan’ at the age of 10.

With its powerful computer vision and machine learning algorithms, the Ogler Eyescan smartphone app employs a one-of-a-kind scanning procedure to detect numerous eye disorders and ailments. It locates the eyes inside the frame range and finds any light burst issues by assessing several characteristics such as light and color intensity, distance, and look-up points.

Rafeeq notes in the post that once the scan quality is confirmed, the app uses trained models to identify probable eye diseases or conditions such as Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataracts.

She also mentions that she created this app solely using SwiftUI, without the use of any third-party libraries or packages, and that it took her six months of study and development to finish.

This is an incredible accomplishment for someone so young. Rafeeq’s Ogler Eyescan app exemplifies how technology can be used for the greater good and to improve people’s lives.

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