9 Million Pakistanis Living Overseas Have ‘Unprotected’ Properties Back Home

Approximately 9 million Pakistanis are working/residing in different countries around the world and are contributing towards the socio-economic development of the country. However, there is no dedicated mechanism for providing solutions to the protection of their properties.

This was revealed in the official documents of the Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development which are available with ProPakistani.

It further revealed that in order to address this issue, the Ministry/OPF undertook the initiative of proposing a bill that would address their grievances and provide protection to overseas Pakistanis with regard to their properties.

Summary for Federal Cabinet for the establishment of Special Courts (Overseas Pakistanis Property), Act / Ordinance, 2022 was submitted on 01-02-2022 with a proposal regarding the establishment of Special Courts for Overseas Pakistanis through an Ordinance or Act of Parliament. Cabinet Division informed that Cabinet Division considered the Summary titled “Establishment of Special Courts (Overseas Pakistanis Property), Act/Ordinance 2022” and approved the proposal.

A fresh summary for the Cabinet Committee for disposal of legislative cases was submitted by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD on 21-02-2022. Ratification of decisions taken by the Cabinet Committee for disposal of legislative cases held on 24-02-2022 was approved and changes proposed were incorporated by the Ministry.

Afterward, the summary for Prime Minister through Secretary, Law & Justice Division was submitted on 28-03-2022 for the promulgation of the Ordinance. Law & Justice Division informed that the National Assembly is in session therefore at this stage, Ordinance cannot be promulgated under Article 89 of the Constitution. Ministry will once again resubmit the Summary for Prime Minister through Law & Justice Division once the Assembly session is adjourned.

In the latest instance, the Summary for Prime Minister was again submitted by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and HRD, Prime Minister’s Office convened a meeting with Officials of this Ministry and directed the Ministry to take all Stakeholders on board.

In compliance with the same, the Ministry has forwarded the draft proposal to the Islamabad High Court, Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, Finance Division, Office of the Chief Commissioner ICT, Law & Justice Division, Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) to allow broader and collective input. As and when their replies are received, the same will be once again routed for timely processing of the Ordinance.

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