Google Search is Making It Easier to Verify Information Online

On Tuesday, Google announced new verification methods for information on its Search platform. The company is unveiling two new features named “Perspectives” and “About this author,” and expanding existing tools such as “About this result.”

“Perspectives” will exhibit a carousel beneath Top Stories and show views from numerous journalists, experts, and other pertinent voices regarding the subject of your search.

The purpose of the feature is to present users with various reputable opinions on a news topic, allowing them to broaden their comprehension of the subject matter.

Other than that, we are also getting the all-new “about this author” feature that will let you quickly learn more about the behind the author of any content you’re currently reading. This is an expansion of the currently existing “About this result” feature, which was first rolled out in 2021.

Following this update, everyone will be able to see three dots next to most Google Search results to get more details about where the information is coming from and how Google determines whether the info is useful for a given query.

Google will also make it easier to access the “About this page” section as part of this update.

The company says these new features should become available to everyone around the globe over the upcoming days on mobile and desktop.

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