GPT-5 might make ChatGPT indistinguishable from a human

ChatGPT got a major upgrade a few weeks ago, with GPT-4 giving the AI chatbot additional impressive powers. But OpenAI is already working on the next major software upgrades for ChatGPT, with GPT-5 reportedly due this winter. If a report about the GPT-5 abilities is correct, Open AI might be on the verge of achieving a massive milestone for ChatGPT. The generative AI might become indistinguishable from a human after the GPT-5 upgrade as it reaches artificial general intelligence (AGI).

That’s incredibly exciting and scary at the same time, as we can’t comprehend what AGI will be able to do. While GPT-5 could make ChatGPT indistinguishable from a human, it’ll still exceed the human mind’s capabilities in processing data and generating content.

The GPT-4 upgrade gave ChatGPT tremendous new powers over the previous version, making the chatbot an even better tool. The generative AI supports multimodal input, which means you can feed it data via text and images to generate a response. It also supports multiple languages and will connect to the live internet via plugins.

On top of that, GPT-4 can pass most exams with flying colors, exceeding the capabilities of the previous version.

Developer Siqi Chen said on Twitter that he learned GPT-5 should complete its training this December. “OpenAI expects it to achieve AGI,” the developer wrote. “Which means we will all hotly debate as to whether it actually achieves AGI. Which means it will.”

Once artificial intelligence reaches AGI, it’ll be similar to a human when it comes to understanding concepts and tasks. This would give it the ability to reason, and chatting with ChatGPT after the GPT-5 upgrade might resemble talking to a human.

That’s all really speculation, as we have no AGI model to compare ChatGPT with. And it’s too early for OpenAI to demo or discuss GPT-5 secrets before the software update is ready.

Whether GPT-5 reaches AGI or not, it should still offer better features than GPT-4, which is already a massive ChatGPT upgrade. We can’t imagine what that means. The chatbot could support multiple input methods and generate results even faster. They might be even more accurate. GPT-5 could assist with even more complex tasks, like writing better code than its predecessor.

It’s all speculation at this point. But as ChatGPT gets better and reaches AGI, we can’t but wonder what the negative consequences of that might be. Just like the positives, we can’t quite imagine the negative effects of ChatGPT reaching AGI.

There’s no reason to panic. We’re not in a sci-fi movie where AI is about to take over. But the rise of AI already has Europol worried. Criminals can already harness the powers of the non-AGI ChatGPT version in their pursuits.

That said, we might get an intermediate ChatGPT version before we get to GPT-5. OpenAI expects GPT-4.5 to launch in September or October. At that point, we’ll know more about the kind of upgrades OpenAI is working on.

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