UAE University Announces Over 200 Job Openings

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), one of the leading higher education institutions in the country, has advertised 204 job openings ranging from administrative roles to highly paid academic positions.

The university is seeking talented individuals to join its diverse faculty and staff and help it shape the future of education and research in the region.

Founded in 1976, UAE University is the oldest and largest in the country. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is known for strong research as well as its academic programs in various disciplines, including engineering, humanities, social sciences, and business.

Among the job openings that UAEU is offering are several highly demanded positions in academia, such as Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Sciences, Assistant Professor in Media and Creative Industries, and Associate Professors in Geography and Urban Sustainability. These positions offer competitive salaries and benefits, as well as opportunities for professional growth.

The university is also seeking candidates for a number of administrative and technical positions, such as Software Engineer and Attitude Control Systems Engineer at the National Space Science and Technology Center, Training and Internship Specialist, and Senior Lab Specialist in Special and Gifted Education.

Other positions available include Research Assistants in Information Systems and Security. Interested candidates can visit UAEU’s job portal for all the job openings and their criteria. They can apply through that portal if they meet the requirements.

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