Hackers Leak Data From Institute of Space Technology

Earlier this month, the Institute of Space Technology (IST) was hit by a ransomware attack and hackers demanded $500,000 in return for the stolen data. This data reportedly included passports, payslips, analysis details, and other sensitive staff information.

This data has now been published publicly on a Telegram channel, seemingly after non-compliance, but there is no confirmation on the matter. We have tried reaching out to IST once again, but their website seems to be out of order.

The hacker group called Medusa has updated their blog to display that the stolen information from IST has been published to the public. The Telegram channel includes multiple downloadable files sized at 3.89 GB, but it remains unclear which data was shared with the public.

It remains to be seen how IST will respond to the situation. So far, they have not made a public announcement about the hack and nor have they reached out to us following the ransomware attack earlier this month.

In any case, we will update this space as soon as there is new information.

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