iPhone 15 Pro might borrow the best Apple Watch feature, and I can’t wait

We’re still six months from the official announcement of the iPhone 15 Pro, but we’ve already heard several rumors regarding Apple’s next flagship phone. Besides a titanium finish, periscope lens, and a more powerful and efficient processor, there’s also a rumor regarding Apple changing the mute switch to a multi-use Action button – and I can’t wait for it to become a reality.

Leaked CADs of the iPhone 15 Pro already offered a glimpse of all external buttons turning into capacitive ones. Now, an anonymous tipster, who was right about the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro, shared more information about this new Action Button.

New Apple Watch Ultra: Action button.
New Apple Watch Ultra: Action button. Image source: Apple Inc.

For those unaware, the Action Button is one of the best changes in the design of the Apple Watch Ultra, compared to the other watches. It lets you customize an action, such as opening your favorite app, starting a workout, backtracking, diving, activating a shortcut, etc. And it’s now coming to the iPhone 15 Ultra.

If that turns out to be true, the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button could do even more. MacRumors offered a list of the possible actions, such as ring/silent, do not disturb, low power mode, light/dark mode, run a shortcut, Shazam, toggle on Reachability, etc. The publication notes that several of these options are available with Back Tap, an accessibility feature on the latest iPhone models.

That said, imagine how amazing it could be to perform a task you always do with just a press of a button. The leaker also explained how these capacitive buttons would work when the iPhone is on, off, or without power.

  • While powered on: capacitive volume, power, and action buttons;
  • While powered off: capacitive volume, power, and action buttons. Drives NFC, LE Bluetooth, LE-UW chip, and possibly Taptic Engine feedback;
  • While the battery is dead: capacitive volume, power, and action buttons. Apple Pay Express card. Drives NFC, LE Bluetooth, and LE-UW chips.

As we march into April, I wonder what’s next for Apple leaks regarding the iPhone 15 Pro and what else we could discover about this upcoming flagship phone.

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