Japanese Firm Offers 35% Cheaper Oil and Gas to Pakistan

A renowned Japanese trading company, in collaboration with an Irish partner, has extended an offer to Pakistan to obtain Russian oil as well as LNG from Nigeria at a price that is 35 percent lower than the global market.

During a meeting in Tokyo, a representative of the Japanese company made this offer to Pakistan’s ambassador. Rana Abid Hussain, President of the Pak-Japan Business Council and a Pakistani businessman living in Japan, hosted this meeting. The envoy was briefed on oil and LNG by the Japanese representative.

The Japanese company’s representative claimed that his firm and partner company have permission to sell Russian oil and Nigerian LNG. The Japanese representative stated that if Pakistan was willing to buy oil and gas, they could sell both at a 35 percent discount to the global market.

On this occasion, Pakistani envoy Raza Bashir Tarar stated that Pakistan will consider this offer and will notify the relevant ministry and notify the Japanese company.

Also present at the meeting, the President of the Pak-Japan Business Council Rana Abid Hussain stated that Pakistan is currently experiencing a severe economic crisis and is forced to spend large sums of foreign currency on oil and gas imports. He commented that if global laws permit, Pakistan should have no trouble purchasing cheap oil and gas.

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