AirPods Pro 2 thief caught red-handed in front of his coworkers thanks to Find My

The revamped Find My integration is one of the best features available with AirPods Pro 2. Thanks to the Ultrawideband U1 chip, you always know where your case and AirPods are. While I recently had a sad story regarding a stolen AirPods 2 – which can’t be localized because its Find My integration doesn’t work for real – another Brazilian was able to retrieve his stolen AirPods Pro 2 ten days after forgetting it in the gym. Here’s the story.

Twitter user Riberio shared what could have been a sad story of a stolen AirPods Pro 2. He said he had forgotten his AirPods at the gym, and instead of it being returned to the Lost and Found, someone just stole his wireless earbuds and took them home.

He says the thief started using the AirPods Pro 2 like it was theirs. They took the earbuds to work, to their home, and even to the beach. Ribeiro says he waited for the thief to be closer to him and decided to go to the marked address.

The user said it was a commercial address. “After ringing the doorbell, the receptionist took me to talk to a vendor. Instantly I recognized him from the gym. When he closed the door, I pressed the ‘Play Sound’ button, and my AirPods Pro case started ringing. I said something was ringing in his pocket, and when he took the AirPods Pro 2, I grabbed them from him and said I was the owner.”

Ribeiro said the thief was shocked, with no reaction. He showed several screenshots of the locations this guy wore his AirPods and then went home. Interestingly enough, the thief wasn’t using an iPhone but an Android phone.

That said, although the story had a happy ending, it’s important to note that if you have your Apple product stolen, you shouldn’t track it by yourself, as you don’t know who the robber is. Contact your local authority and ask for help.

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