Factory Making Fake Punjab University Degrees and LDA Documents Sealed

Lahore Police recently conducted a major crackdown on educational fraud, resulting in the uncovering of a large factory manufacturing counterfeit Punjab University degrees, stamp papers, and Lahore Development Authority (LDA) documents worth billions of rupees.

As per reports, the factory was situated in the jurisdiction of Ghaziabad Police Station.

The scope of the investigation continued beyond the factory, however, as law enforcement also discovered the unlawful production of counterfeit official documents and tickets worth millions of rupees.

Scanners, photocopiers, and other devices used to generate false public papers were among the confiscated items.

Authorities were successful in arresting two people running the factory under the identities Sher Dil Khan and Tauqeer Ilyas.

This is a major victory in the battle against fraudulent activities that jeopardize the sanctity of public papers and educational institutions.

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