Religious Freedom or Discrimination? France Denies Ramadan Breaks for Muslim Footballers

Muslims players can no longer break the fast during match after French Football Federation (FFF) told referees not to allow breaks in the match for religious practices.

The French Football Federation has instructed referees to not pause matches to allow Muslim players to break their fast during Ramadan, according to reports in the media.

This decision is in contrast to the English Premier League’s decision to allow players to take a break during the holy month. The French Football Federation stated that this practice goes against its statutes, which include the strict adherence to secularism in football.

The head of the federal referee commission at the Federation, Eric Borghini, stated that there should be a time for sports and a time for practicing one’s religion. The Federation learned that some matches were being halted to allow players observing the fast to hydrate, but this is not permitted in the rules and regulations.

While some Muslim players in Nice have observed Ramadan without issues, the coach, Didier Digard, said that it would be ideal if France allowed the breaks but it was not a major concern since they were not in a Muslim country.

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